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Google Chrome Offline Game

Google Chrome has some nice features built in to it that allow you to play your favorite online games offline. The feature allows the browser to download the game to your computer and play...


The Modded Play Store

A Modded Play Store is what it sounds like: A modded version of the official Android Play Store. How exactly does one get access to a modded Play Store, you ask? What can a...

Need For Speed 0

Need For Speed – A Review

Need For Speed is an open road racing game designed by Criterion Games and released by EA. It is the follow-up to the highly popular Need for Speed game and was released in the...

Insomnia Games 0

Insomnia Games: Fun To Play And Exciting

Insomniac Video Games is an American online video game creator based out of Burbank, CA. It was initially founded by Ted Price in 1994 as Xtreme Games and was then renamed Insomniac Entertainment a...

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