Authentic Bandhani Saree Designs

The bandhani pattern itself is one of the oldest forms of traditional ‘tie-dye’ artwork that never goes out of trend. Manufactured from various types of silk and cotton, the price of bandhani or Bandhej sarees depends on the subtlety of the work on the fabric. However, with time, the bandhani artwork has been accommodated with various other styles and designs to give it a new look.

Let us take a look at some of the enticing bandhani saree designs that are in the fashion world.

  1. Gota patti bandhani

The combination of gota patti and bandhani work is sure to give your simple bandhani saree a new look. You can use the gotta patti in the border of the saree or embellish the saree with an overall gotta patti work on it. What’s the perfect occasion for this mix-and-match saree? Well, family functions cannot be a better place than wearing this rich and royal ensemble.

  1. Embroidery and bandhani

Embroidered work on any fabric is every woman’s fascination. How about blending bandhani and embroidery together to create some fusion wear? Well, that sounds great! The embroidered work can be scattered all over the saree or you can simply choose the border of the bandhani saree to be embroidered with the right colored threads.

  1. Jodhpuri bandhani

If you are a full-on tradition enthusiast and would want to showcase it on your apparel, the Jaipuri Bandhej is your only solution. They are available in various shades. The intricate designs on the Jaipuri Bandhej sarees are a great attention-seeker.

  1. Gujarati bandhani

What gives authenticity to the Gujarat bandhani are its delicate motifs such as leaves, nature, vines, and the like. The various designs and types of gujarati bandhani are Gharchola, Amba daal, Bavan Bagh, Paghdi, etc. These designs are the evergreen designs known to exist and have always remained in trend and looked outstanding whenever worn.

  1. Banarasi bandhani

If you want an entirely traditional look for your upcoming wedding party, nothing can be better than a banarasi bandhani. There are various designs handwoven in different forms of weave like the infamous kadhwa weave, to adding colours to the zari like meenakari, to giving it a royal look like Roopa Sona zari (gold-silver). This fusion of banarasi with bandhani can looks the best in any occasion. The shimmer of the zari, the intricacy of the bandhani and the vibrant to pastel tones that these masterpieces are dyed in surely makes people’s head turn to glance at the person carrying it. What else can give you a better wedding look than a banarasi bandhani!

  1. Patola Bandhani

It is a fusion of banarasi weaving and patola design along with rich intricate bandhani. Design is inspired from patan patola and woven in 3 colour meena. This concept is latest in bandhani. It is a traditional saree and ideal for all marriage functions and pooja.


Besides the designs mentioned above, you can also try out bandhani chaniya choli (lehengha), bandhani crepe saree, cotton Bandhej, bandhani anarkalis, bandhani suits and many more. Grab any of these bandhanis, drape it and feel poised and like a Queen!

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