Disadvantages of eating mango

Disadvantages of eating mangoSummer has started in India and mango season, the favorite fruit of summer has begun. Everyone likes mango, which is considered to be the king of fruits, and if you are eating too much or thinking about eating it, they also know its disadvantages, do not eat too much of mango in the taste of taste.

Mango is called the king of fruits in India, which is liked by all. There will probably be very few people who do not like mango food. Along with being excellent in taste, mangoes contain vitamins A, C, and D along with many nutrients. Mango comes in the summer season and mango is eaten the most during this season. What happens many times is that people eat too much mango in taste. The disadvantage of eating more common is that body heat increases. Mango increases the blood sugar level in the body. People allergic to mangoes should not eat mangoes. Eating more mango causes stomach upset. The disadvantages of eating mango are many more. Which is like this?

Here are Disadvantages of Eating Mango

Gaining weight

A medium size mango has about 135 calories. Although it is not harmful to human body, but if it is consumed more than it can cause weight gain.

Pimple and acne problem

Mango is hot fruit and if you eat mango in balanced quantity then there is no harm like it is fine if you eat a mango daily, but if you eat more mango then it can increase body heat. Pimples, boils and pimples can come out on the face due to heat. So eat mangoes but in a limited quantity.


Mango is in a fruit that has a good amount of fiber. If you consume mango more in taste, it can cause diarrhea. Excess of fiber can cause diarrhea. Excessive craze for mangoes can spoil your stomach. Therefore, if you eat a little mango, then it will be good for both your stomach and digestion.

Increase blood sugar

Mango has a natural sweetness, that is, it is rich in natural sugar. If you eat more mango then it can increase the blood sugar level. In such a situation, patients with sugar and diabetes should be cautious in eating mangoes.

Allergy complaint

Many people also get allergic to mango food. If you eat more mango then avoid it and eat only one mango a day for taste.

Hard to digest

If you consume raw mango in large quantity then it can cause problems in digestion process. Fresh and raw mangoes cause digestive enzymes, causing digestive problems.

Chemical damage

Actually, calcium carbide is added to the mango for quick cooking. It damages chemical health in many ways. The effect of this chemical does not completely disappear even after washing the mangoes, so it should be avoided to eat large amounts of mangoes. Because eating small amounts of mangoes, this chemical does not cause much harm.

Throat problem

A kind of fluid comes out near the head of the mango. If you do not clean it well before eating mango then it can go in your throat. Due to which you may have problems ranging from a sore throat to a sore throat and swelling.

Arthritis and Sinus

People who are troubled by arthritis and sinus problems are advised to eat less mangoes. If such people consume mangoes, then this problem can increase further. Therefore, such people should not be lured by mangoes.

This is the harm caused by mangoes – If you want to avoid all these problems and also enjoy eating mangoes, then do not be tempted to eat more mangoes and consume mangoes in limited quantity.

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