Group 500 Review: A Great Choice Of Trading Firm For All Traders

Investing in different assets can seem like an exciting thing to do as it promises huge profits. However, it takes much more than putting your money in an asset. You need to first make a list of things that you expect and then find a trading firm that provides them. It is important to pick the right trading firm because you will execute all your trade-related actions through it. So, make sure that you choose a safe, trustworthy, and compatible trading firm. Since it can be hard to find a firm that is great for you when you are a new trader, I will be making a recommendation. In this Group 500 review, I will be talking about Group 500 which I think is a great choice for all types of traders.

Group 500 is a brokerage firm that offers amazing trading conditions paired with the features and services that it provides. So, let’s review some of its top features.

Top Features of Group 500

Asset Index

When choosing a trading firm, you need to make sure that you pick one that supports the trade of several different assets. As a trader, you need to be able to create a diverse trade portfolio. This helps in reducing the risk of loss that may occur and it is also the most highly recommended tip for traders. Group 500 is a broker that supports the trade of an impressive number of assets. With this trading firm, you can enjoy trading assets such as cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs, securities, energy resources, as well as metals.

Account Options

It is superficial to think that all types of traders will be satisfied with just one investment plan. Since all traders come from different backgrounds and have different expectations, cryptocurrency brokers provide different types of accounts. Group 500 offers five account options that have varying features. The accounts that you can choose from are silver, gold, platinum, signature, and VIP accounts. The accounts can be upgraded to higher options whenever the trader wants. As a beginner, I would suggest that you start with the Silver account.


The level of security that a trading firm offers is important to note before deciding to sign up with it.Trading firms are a major target of hackers who try to steal user information and funds from the system. Group 500 has implemented strong security measures which keep the broker’s system safe from hackers. The firm has applied the latest security systems that have strong blocking programs. The firm has a reputation free of any previous hacking cases so you can trust that it offers a safe environment.

Web Trader

The trading platform that you get from Group 500 is a web trader. The web trader can be accessed from any device by visiting the firm’s website and signing in to your account. Group 500 has made sure that the platform has all the necessary and important trading tools. These trading tools help traders with their investment decisions. The trading platform also has a mobile application version that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.


Group 500 is a regulated trading firm which makes it a trustworthy option. Regulations mean that a financial authority is monitoring all the actions of the broker. This makes sure that the firm is not involved in any illegal processes. Group 500 is also compliant with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies which are a part of the regulatory requirements.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are not sure about which trading firm you should sign up with, then I suggest that you consider Group 500. This brokerage firm offers amazing features and services that provide a seamless and comfortable trading experience. Its accommodating features allow traders to transform from a beginner to a professional trader without any hassle. Moreover, the trading firm provides reliable customer support services which shows that it is a reliable trading firm.

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