TCN Markets Review – What Makes this Broker Special

One of the biggest commitments you make when starting your trading journey is signing up with an online broker. It is a daunting task because this decision has repercussions that can affect your bottom line in the long run. Your goal is to make maximum profits and the broker you choose will play a key role in it. Therefore, your priority should be to find a brokerage that is truly special and this requires a great deal of research? Why? It is because the number of brokerages has increased tenfold, so you have to research to know what makes one special. This TCN Markets review can shed some light on this platform’s uniqueness.

It is bound to draw your attention because TCN Markets is operating in more than 52 countries around the world and has a massive number of active and satisfied clients. But, you need to know what makes this broker truly special and the review below can help you find out:

Access to 1,000 assets

While there are several features that can help you see why TCN Markets is special, the most prominent one of them all is the fact that it gives you 1,000 assets to trade on a single platform. There can be nothing more convenient than that because it saves you from the hassle of opening multiple trading accounts to trade in different markets. Instead, you can choose instruments from various financial markets like stocks, indices, commodities and forex and have a diversified investment portfolio.

A demo account for trading

Another unique feature that you will come across at TCN Markets is the demo account they are offering. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage because it allows newbie traders the chance to practice their trades and get acquainted with the financial markets before they actually risk their hard-earned money. They can prevent a lot of mishaps from happening this way because they will use virtual money. In addition, even experienced traders can find this useful because it helps them in trying out new strategies in order to avoid mistakes.

Access to educational resources

Not everyone who decides to engage in online trading is an expert and will need help. You will not be disappointed with TCN Markets because they offer their clients with access to educational resources. They have added a glossary on their website that offers meanings of the jargon that is used during the trading process. Furthermore, they also give their clients access to webinars and seminars that are conducted by experts, which can help you expand your knowledge about the trading process and polish your trading skills.

Easy on boarding process

The easy on boarding process that you will find at TCN Markets has made it a rather popular online broker because opening an account with them is very straightforward and fast. You do not need to go through any extensive formalities for signing up. They give you a form to complete on their website, which need only basic details. You have to provide your first and last name, email address and password, phone number and the country you live in. The final step is to agree with their Terms and Conditions and you will be registered instantly.

Compliance with AML and KYC policies

Security is a huge concern for online traders because you do not want to be victim of a cyberattack. Therefore, you will learn that TCN Markets has opted to comply with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies used internationally for adding a layer of security. These can help in preventing illegal activities such as identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering from occurring because all accounts on the platform are verified via documents that offer proof of identity and proof of residence.

Final Verdict

These are the features that have made TCN Markets a special brokerage in the sea of companies that are operating in the market and make it an excellent choice.

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