Teaching Business – Two Innovative Online Education Business Models to Make the Grade

On many school graders, there are up to date, timely articles on how to get started in an online English teaching business. Teachers all over the world are joining the fray. Teaching English online is rapidly expanding worldwide while solidifying its untenable position as the most dominant global language in all major fields: business, culture, education, science, and much more. With the huge demand for people who can speak fluent English, and the constantly improving quality of education in the field, there is a growing need for qualified English language teachers.

With this massive demand, came an equally huge opportunity for innovation in the online teaching business model. Several innovative models have emerged over the past few years. The most effective one to-date has been developed by a company called Skype. This innovative model allows us to use Skype’s video calling feature to connect to our Skype group from anywhere in the world using just a standard PC or laptop.

Using this innovation, we are able to create online classes. Teachers in these online classes to communicate with their students using real-time Skype. Thus, teachers not only benefit from using the convenience of video conferencing, they also enjoy the benefit of receiving feedback and discussing students’ work from anywhere, anytime. This online teaching business model is now gaining widespread popularity.

Yet another innovation is from deviant behavior. Deviants or people with unusual beliefs are often considered to be trash or worms. They are shunned or even hated by most normal people. Thus, for many years, an online teacher may face harassment online. But through the innovative minds of the Skype team, some deviant teachers have been allowed to participate in public online teaching programs.

This innovative strategy not only allows for more public participation, but it also enables teachers to use their creativity to bring their audiences closer to their hearts and give them more control over their lives. Thus, teachers not only benefit from using Skype, they also get the opportunity to show their students how they can better respect other people and live their lives according to their own unique beliefs. In this way, they become more respected in their communities and schools. As a result, other educators emulate their innovative practices and other school districts begin to utilize the same innovative model.

This social innovation strategy is actually part of the new business paradigm being used in online education. Schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions are beginning to take advantage of their online resources in much the same way that businesses have taken advantage of social media. In fact, businesses have actually become quite popular online because they are able to tap into the resources of large groups of people through social networks. Thus, when it comes to the question of what constitutes good online teaching, the answer must always come back to using social innovation.

There are two important examples of such innovativeness, which come to mind right away. The first comes from the world of public relations, specifically, the work of David Norton and his practice at PRWeb. Norton has actually been able to use online tools to create an incredible online PR apparatus that allows him to promote his services and products through social networks, which have turned out to be a huge marketing success for him and his company. The second example of innovative online leadership comes from something called k. Camerons, who has used his/her creative innovation to create an amazing online PR strategy for his non-profit organization, which helps to raise millions of dollars for cancer research every year. These two leaders clearly have the ability to show what it takes to truly create a positive online presence.

In other words, online teachers need to have an ability to think outside the box in order to truly take advantage of their opportunity. The second key ingredient is innovation, which allows a teacher to look for new ways to teach and motivate students while at the same time maintaining traditional methods of doing so. Online education is truly taking off and if teachers are willing to embrace change, they too can benefit from the increased educational opportunities available through the Internet. Just make sure you can creatively implement the changes you want to see in order to create a successful business model. Now do you think online educators should pay attention to speeches or k. Camerons?

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