CMA USA Course Details – Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to management accounting, nothing can match the prestige and level of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA Course) certification. It’s both managed and awarded by the USA-based Institute of Management Accountants.

Along with global recognition, the certification also provides advanced-level credentials that make it a perfect match for financial professionals and accountants in the business world. Management is a crucial component of a company that plays various important roles.

For instance, tasks such as financial planning, revenue forecasting, and analysis are in the hands of managers. With the help of the CMA Course, you can take your career to a new height as a financial controller, and likely become the next CFO of a company.

Important Things to Know About the CMA USA Exam 

Course Eligibility and Registration 

If you want to apply for this exam, you need to make sure that you have a bachelor’s degree from a reputed and accredited university or college. Moreover, you must also abide by the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice by IMA.

It’s certainly a good thing to know that you can appear for the exams while in between the course of a bachelor’s degree. However, to be able to get the certificate, you need to make sure that you undergo at least two years of experience training.

Examination Pattern 

There is a total of two exams in which 75% of the portion is covered by objective-based questions including MCQs and the remaining part is covered by subjective-based questions like essays. The best thing is that the schedule of the exam is pretty flexible and a user can attempt as per their convenience.

CMA Course Fees, Duration, and Other Expenses 

The fees for CMA courses in India can lie anywhere between 1.25 lakhs and 1.5 lakhs, along with the charges for CMA training and exam. The fees are likely to differ for both students and professionals, based on the requirements, and other expenses may include fees for CMA Classes in Mumbai.

Talking about the duration, the candidates may require only 7-8 months to complete the course, and it’s far lesser than any other qualification that falls under management accountancy. With the help of the CMA USA Course, you can be recognized in the whole world.

CMA USA – Job Opportunities in India 

If you qualify for a reputed CMA Institute in Mumbai, you can get a chance to make your career in the Big-4 industry of India that includes positions like Risk Advisory profile, FP&A, and Internal FP&A profiles.

A lot of big companies like Accenture, Amazon, Capgemini, and many more offer jobs for CMA USA professionals. Moreover, you can also enjoy placement assistance through the CMA USA Course Training Institute in India.

The Takeaway

With the help of a certification in the CMA USA course, you can take your management career to a whole new level. It not only promises a good salary package but also ensures a great work-life balance as well.


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