Dining Room Life and Character!

Dining Room Life and Character! There is a saying, “If you are serious about serving the best food and wine in town, you’d better be serious about treating your guest to the very best dining experience of her or his lifetime!” There is so much to do in the dining room besides serve good food and drink good wine. It is the perfect setting for family gatherings, parties, weddings, birthdays and any other special occasion.

First, let’s start with breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If it is not great, your whole day will be a failure. In today’s hectic world, people hardly have time to stop at the dining room table and enjoy a good breakfast. So, I suggest that when you go out to breakfast, first sit down at your regular table (breakfast) and enjoy it while it does not really matter which way you sit, side table or over the sink.

Second, the way you serve your plate shows your personality. You may want to keep it simple but I like to make it colorful and to make a point that everything I eat looks as if it came from the table. Of course this is not true all the time but more often than not, you can find yourself eating things you normally would have put in a bottle. Remember, it’s called a house and a dining room is supposed to be home.

Third, always remember that meal times are a time for socialization, relaxation and just getting together. It is not a place for you to criticize or have a fit because this will only make you feel worse. When dining room conversation turns to food, it should be healthy and pleasant. If it is not then you are inviting problems into your life. It is a place for people to talk about things that matter most to them.

Fourth, have some fun with your friends. You don’t need to host dinner parties every weekend. Dining rooms are meant to be places where friends get together to enjoy each other’s company and to discuss the things that matter most to them. Of course it helps if you have plans but that’s another topic!

Fifth, don’t be afraid of conversation. I know it’s easy to sit at the table and stare at everyone else but it’s an important skill for you to be able to engage others. Talk, share and laugh, no matter how small the conversation is. That’s how the conversation flows and it will be memorable and make for great stories years down the road.

Sixth, make a point of enjoying the company. Dining is meant to be pleasurable. I’m sure you don’t mind talking about your day or having a good chat with friends. When we’re happy and relaxed we enjoy our company and that includes our meal times. It’s really important to focus on this.

Lastly, remember to slow down. Dinning tables are meant to be comfortable and enjoyable so keep this in mind. Your friends will appreciate you more for being polite and thoughtful.

I know this might sound like advice for dining out all the time but it’s different when you’re at home. Dining at home allows you to focus on what you want to do and take pleasure in your meal. You can even read a book when you’re waiting for your food. But I wouldn’t recommend having a drink before or after unless it’s a nice beverage!

Keep these points in mind as you plan your next dinner. The same rules apply if you have a pool or other recreation room. Enjoy your friends and family and let them be involved. This is supposed to be a relaxing, pleasurable experience! Plan accordingly!

If you follow these suggestions you’ll find your dining room life and character! Remember to be polite, considerate and have fun. After all, isn’t that what a good meal should be about? If you need more help than my website has to offer in planning your next elegant occasion, feel free to browse our site and you’ll find plenty of helpful tips and recipes! My friends, this will be a memorable event that everyone will enjoy!

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