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Rice PreparationRice remains the staple food in a large part of the world and is a complete meal in itself. Widely used and preferred for rice as a staple food as well as a side dish stems from its ability to easily absorb other flavors and ingredients on the mixture that make the combination more tasty and nutritious.

Rice is a diet that you can eat anytime of the day. Rice is prepared in India in different forms. These include fried rice, lemon rice, curd rice, tomato rice, vegetable casserole, cumin casserole, zaffarani casserole. Biryani, Khichdi, rice pudding, Spanish rice etc.

One-dish rice preparation is an integral part of the menu in South India. And we are not talking only about biryani here. Different types of rice, mixed rice; These are some descriptions of South India’s obsession with rice dishes (especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) which are also one-cuisine. There are distinctive rice varieties throughout the region which differ in taste, texture and color.


Often referred to as tamarind rice, this rice dish is quite different from Andhra (Pulihora) to Karnataka to Tamil Nadu.

Coconut Rice

Not all mixed rice recipe is spicy, this mildly flavored rice is a case in point. Rice is cooked with fresh grated coconut, cashew nuts and mild spices.

Sambar rice

Sambhar Saatham (rice) is a good part of every ‘business lunch’ or thali at Chennai restaurants.

Sesame rice

Incredibly quick and tasty (unless you like the pungent taste of sesame), this mixed rice version gets almost all the flavors from white sesame and gingelly oil (used for tempering). It tastes almost equally good with brown rice and is perfect if you are stuck with ‘leftover’ rice.

Lemon rice

Rice is to be made with only one or two lemon juice and common ingredients (including turmeric, curry leaves, urad dal, mustard).

Brinjal Rice

There is enough evidence to suggest that biryani was found before biryani rice in Tamil Nadu, the name of the dish is derived from the main spice (brinjal leaf – bay leaf in Tamil), which was used to make this dish. is. However it is vegetarian and is characterized by the use of coconut milk and how the vegetables are spiced up as well as lending the dish its rich taste and aroma.

Curd Rice

Pre-mixed yogurt rice is not only incredibly quick to fix, but is also a summer favorite. There is no single method of making it. Some households do a ‘tightly packed’ version with very little yogurt while others do a version with thick and creamy yogurt.

From this you can make dessert (sweet) with any main dish. It is a material that is considered easy to make and very tasty to eat. If you are bored eating plain rice, you can try some easy rice recipes which you can try on the weekend.

Handi Biryani

Eating without rice seems a bit incomplete. So why not serve rice, vegetables, light spices and chicken made on low heat in front of the guests.

Garlic and Egfried Rice

If you want to eradicate the hunger you feel while working during the day, then you can carry this dish in your box. You can eat these rice made of garlic and eggs anytime.

Three layer rice

Make tangy rice by keeping three layers of potato, lachcha, paneer and tomato In this, you can also give simple spices and coriander leaf flavor from above.

Kashmiri Chicken Casserole

Make flavored chicken casserole with Kashmiri chilli, raisins, desi ghee and simple spices.

Jaffrani Casserole

If you want to serve something sweet with food, you can make jafrani casserole at home by mixing basmati rice, nuts, saffron, milk and cream.

Mutton Biryani

Make Mutton Biryani in ‘Dum’ style. In this, you can also give the flavor of mutton and saffron rice

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