STR Capital Review

What is STR Capital?

STR Capital ReviewSTR capital is created to find out a way for traders to trade CFD’S on a platform which is consumer friendly. One’s success totally depends upon your commitment to any investor who chooses to trade with STR. They focus on providing with a five star support along with personal assistance and an expanding asset selection.

The major mission of STR is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses to grow together and make better purchasing decisions online under the guidance of experts.

It is provided with all the latest financial regulations , which are laid down under the guidelines of all the authorities in the world.


According to consumers STR provides seamless services which are fast and efficient. It has satisfied a lot of consumers with its fast data speed , execution and deposit. It was really easy for consumers while making a withdrawal. Consumers considered this service to be extremely profitable to them because of the efficient work. The financial advisors are patient and have good perfectionism. The staff is courteous enough to solve any withdrawal problems of the consumers. This platform is filled with knowledgeable and experienced traders which help you to gain a lot of knowledge about the same.

This platform is one of the best trading platform which will help you to trade online from any corner of the world.


Consumers find it to be profitable enough and without issues. People have deposited and withdrawn money through this platform and have found no difficulty in the process. The spread are pretty decent as compared to other brokers. The swaps are a little high but it has been profitable to a lot of consumers. They a have not forced consumers to keep adding more money as other competitive brokers have been doing. It is not a time taking or a stressful task for you to keep stressing upon your trades. In the worst cases you can automatically stop copying if you lose a certain amount. It is easy to start your account with a minimal amount and then you can add your amount as soon as your trust builds up.


It provides you with the very clean interface and with all the useful options that you require. It has amazing features for you to use and make your work easier. A lot of consumers have had problems in withdrawals but those problems have been solved very easily.  The interface is really easy to use from creating an account to withdrawing money . It took maximum 48 hours for  customers  to get  payments processed and  had the amount in their banks. Is a user friendly and fun trading platform. This  platform is very intuitive and it had made it  easy to make trades. One can easily  search, follow and copy other traders.

The platform is compatible to work any device and allows you total control on your trading account. Traders can trade the markets, with tools like news live TV, advanced trading, price alerts, trading signals, technical indicators etc.

After making your account over this , it will provide you with the series of indicators which will help you to easily understand how to work over this platform. It is a hassle free platform and is a great tool for traders who want to know more and have in-depth information about trade.


Its has a Coverage for a huge range of  markets which consists of about 18 different cryptocurrencies. This is something really amazing for a trading platform.

A software compatible to be used with any device over which your trades can be monitored. It becomes easy for the customer to monitor the trades anyhow and anywhere.

The different offers for different accounts , and customers are offered different features for trade accordingly.This makes it suitable for a wide variety of people to trade online.

It had a huge security protocols to protect your important  personal information and money from unwanted threats that may lead to problems. It a properly developed safe and secure network.

They will provide you with Reliable and easy trading solutions for all your trading issue. It is an innovative interface with real-time charts, order books, trade history, and user friendly charting tools. Making an investment is as easy as making an account and you can begin you trading anywhere.

If you are a very experienced trader , it has a lot of features which will help you to diversify your profile and help you to do better trade. Also this platform will keep all your investments safe and secure. Especially as an experienced trader you will find a lot of tradable assets over this platform.


Despite having a good interface some people find no international Bank on the list. It might make it difficult for customers to trade and make payments internationally.

Some consumers have had issues in processing their withdrawals. Also processing withdrawal time could have been decreased. It takes about 48 hours to process payments which could be possible to do in 24 hours.

It has proved to be a little slow at times , which can be rectified with just a few fixes.

Sometimes customer services take a little more than usual time to respond to customer queries which has made it difficult for a few customers.

Yes , it is a knowledgeable software , but if you don’t really know about trading it can become a difficult task for you to deal with this.


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